Singer Nat Ho: Goodbye Singapore, Hello Taiwan!

When he forked out S$100,000 of his hard earned savings to direct, produce and act in his own music video “Unleashed“, boyish local singer Nat Ho drew both support from new fans and criticism from naysayers.

But whatever the response, Nat achieved what he wanted – for Singaporeans to sit up, notice him, and remember his name. And now, he’s decided to head for the (musically) greener pastures of Taiwan to pursue his entertainment career.

“Back then, people said stuff about me like, ‘why you so stupid go and make a video’. I knew I wasn’t going to make money, but I didn’t see the need to say anything because my objective was to make a good enough product,” said Nat, 28, told Yahoo! Singapore in a face-to-face interview recently.

“Now that I’m known in Singapore, the next step is to try the regional market, and Taiwan is the place to start,” Nat said.

And how long will be he gone for? If all goes well, nine long years (yes you read that right, nine years).

I know WTF is definitely gonna be missing  Who’s That Hottie: Nat Ho for sure.

(Images: Courtesy of Nat Ho)