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I Would Like to Submit My Work
I Want My Credit Removed
General Questions

How can Get WTF to cover my event?

If your event falls into any of the categories below, send us an email or contact our editors directly (email details at <Contact Us> page).

– Fashion
– Luxury Auto/Aero/Nautical
– Luxury Dining/ Travel
– Luxury Clubs
– Celebrity Studded-affairs
– Concerts/Awards

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How can I submit my work?

If you think your work fits on the site, then please send an email. While we try to respond to as many e-mails as we can, not every inquiry will receive a response.

The ideal size for submissions is 800 pixels wide. 700 pixels wide will also work as well. Convert images for web as RGB. Also, please include team credits:

For Editorials
Publication Name (Date if Available):
Additional Team Credits (Hair, Makeup, etc):

For Lookbooks/Campaigns
Additional Team Credits (Hair, Makeup, etc):
Please also include a press release or inspiration for the collection if sending a lookbook.

For Exclusives
By exclusive we mean unpublished images, not submitted to any other sites, or posted on your Facebook/web page, etc.

Exclusive sessions photographed for WardrobeTrendsFashion, after our publishing should be shared further on only as such – WardrobeTrendsFashion Exclusives.

Exclusive submissions get additional exposure & publicity throughout our network.

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I’m a photographer, stylist, etc. and want my credit removed from a shoot because it does not reflect my work, how can I do this?

Due to our small staff and the amount of submissions received, we make it a policy to not edit old entries unless a credit is wrong (i.e. a name is misspelled, a statement is not correct). While we understand that talent does not want their name attached to certain works, WTF is not a personal portfolio nor do we present the site as such. If you don’t want your credit included in an editorial, campaign, etc. please let the client know as 90% of the work featured is sent directly from the source.

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General Questions

Who is WardrobeTrendsFashion ran by?
WTF a.k.a WTFSG was created by its founder Herbert Rafael Sim in 2009 and has regular contributions by others.

Who are the editors/writers/photographers of WardrobeTrendsFashion?
Check out  <Contact Us> page for full list of current editors, writers, photographers, and correspondents.

Where do images come from?
Images come from a variety of sources, ranging from sourced blogs and forums to images received directly from the source, whether it is a photographer, stylist or modeling agent, etc.

How should I source the site?
A link to the WardrobeTrendsFashion homepage ( or will suffice.

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Why should I source the site?
While it is not apparent, it takes a lot of time to gather and edit images, from coloring and cropping to the actual uploading and posting. Source links are greatly appreciated.

But do you source?
Images are always sourced with a working link. If a set of images are not sourced, the images came directly from the photographer, stylist, label’s website, etc.

What is WardrobeTrendsFashion’s Comment Policy?
All visitors to the site are welcomed to express their thoughts/feelings on the work featured. However, comments will be removed if they do the following:

Discuss Weight (Commenting on whether a model’s too thin or big)
Ad Hominem attacks
Use of excessive caps lock
Racist, homophobic or sexist remarks
Going off topic
Enlisting spam or solicitation (one link to your site in a signature is acceptable, two or more is excessive)
The comment is waiting approval from the queue

How did the site begin?
Check out <About Us> page

How can I advertise on the site?
Send an email and we will send our media kit with rates. Check out  <Advertise> page.

Unless solicited, any addition to mass e-mailing lists will be automatically removed and/or marked as spam.

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