Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif Range


Synactif Cream, an overall treatment that targets dark eye circles, wrinkles, sagging and dullness – It’s also said to promote the breakdown of enlarged fat cells for more defined facial contours and a slimmer face

Today, most body treatments are designed in some way or other to improve the body. Clarins’ entire philosophy on beauty wellness revolves around this. When Synactif, Clé de Peau Beauté’s premium line, was first launched five years ago, its products were created to detox our lymphatic system. This refers to the network of lymphatic vessels that sits alongside our network of blood vessels. Unlike the latter, the former doesn’t carry nutrients; instead, it carries waste (like a sewage pipe) – excess proteins, excess water and redundant inflammatory cells – from the skin.

When it is working optimally, skin is healthy. When it’s clogged and choked, well, you can imagine the fallout. Being our biggest organ, skin can produce a lot of unwanted particles. The lymphatic system’s capillaries branch out, extending throughout skin’s surface, to collect all the rubbish. But this natural process becomes “unnatural” when the capillaries are compromised. The top three reasons that cause capillaries to become less efficient are age, UV rays and pollution.

Ageing and UV rays also reportedly decrease the productivity of Tie-2, a receptor in our skin that commands lymphatic vessels to produce a protein that binds cells together. This “glue” strengthens the bonds between cells. Without it, cracks will form, allowing collected waste to seep back into skin. The 2009 version of Synactif boosts the function of lymphatic vessels with an amino acid-derived ingredient, MACC. The reformulated range adds cinnamon extract to MACC to create MACC-PD.

At close to S$3,000 for the range of five items, it’s expensive stuff. (The five products can be used separately, but you are encouraged to use them together as each item has a different role and works synergistically.) This means you will get clearer skin tone, less breakouts, improved skin texture and a more even face shape.


Daytime Moisturizer, protects and strengthens skin


Hydrating Lotion, helps improve skin tone and offers whitening benefits – Use it like any lotion/softener/toner


Nighttime Moisturizer, improves skin texture


Facial Cleansing Soap, froths into a rich lather to remove even makeup