WardrobeTrendsFashion (趋时尚杂志) is Asia’s High Fashion & Luxury Online Magazine, established since 2009, and is also known by its abbreviation “WTF” and also “WTFSG” the domain name as well as the Instagram and Twitter account handle.

WardrobeTrendsFashion curates lifestyle news and features from the region and around the world to its readers. WardrobeTrendsFashion has the coveted title of No.1 Lifestyle Website in Asia, winning Gold in the Best Lifestyle Website and Best Lifestyle Mobile Service at the 2015 Asian Digital Media Awards, organized by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), across Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

WardrobeTrendsFashion strives towards creating the world’s largest repository of luxury lifestyle campaigns and lookbooks from across the globe, as a one-stop library research destination, covering content from various industries – automobile, aerospace, nautical, dining, watches, jewelry, technology, wine & dine, celebrity news, interviews; as well as charity – activities, events, campaigns by NGOs and Non-profit organizations, and more. WardrobeTrendsFashion’s list of current partners include CEOworld magazine, PR Newswire and World Vision.

WardrobeTrendsFashion readers are international and are mostly from the upper echelons of the business world, C-level executives, experts and personnel from the fashion industry, film industry, and more. WardrobeTrendsFashion is accessible via domain urls, WardrobeTrendsFashion.com and WTFSG.com.


WardrobeTrendsFashion Editorial Philosophy

Featuring only the products and services of the very highest order available in the world today, WardrobeTrendsFashion is the essential guide for the modern connoisseur. WardrobeTrendsFashion’s content rests on two pillars: Expert Editorial, packaged with the Highest Production Quality.

WardrobeTrendsFashion invests its resources (manpower and time) heavily in being a content repository of all fashion and lifestyle news, campaigns, runway styles, lookbooks, and more, eschewing the more common online strategy of mere aggregation. WardrobeTrendsFashion also conducts research surveys across industries to provide an objective assessment of rankings for schools, wealth, power and more.

This approach has attracted for WardrobeTrendsFashion a loyal following of readers through the years. WardrobeTrendsFashion’s fans and followers across all our social media channels are their testament. Check out the WardrobeTrendsFashion (WTF) Fan Page.


WardrobeTrendsFashion CSR

WardrobeTrendsFashion believes strongly in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and is proactive towards covering charity events and other causes such as BiodiversityEnvironmental Protection, Fight HungerGlobal WarmingWomen Empowerment and more; lending media support to charitable organizations pro bono.


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WardrobeTrendsFashion is always on the lookout for talent to join the team, as we expand our operations into new countries and territories. Check WardrobeTrendsFashion’s current vacancies.


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WardrobeTrendsFashion believes that collaborations are the key to business growth and ultimate success. Drop us a note to explore further on ideas you have on how we can syngergise both our organizations together.

WardrobeTrendsFashion’s partnerships are highly exclusive. The accedence of the partner status is subjected through a rigorous approval process. Check out WardrobeTrendsFashion’s current list of partners.


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WardrobeTrendsFashion remembers all the backers, individuals and organizations that have stood behind and backed us through the years. Check out WardrobeTrendsFashion’s current list of backers.


WardrobeTrendsFashion Trivia

WardrobeTrendsFashion was founded by Herbert Rafael Sim in 2009 in United States, and officially launched from Singapore in 2011. Since then, the WardrobeTrendsFashion has been striving towards being one of the world’s largest luxury lifestyle repository in the worldwide web, with the vision of providing a free library of lookbook, campaigns, editorials and events of the entire fashion industry. WardrobeTrendsFashion has also been focusing on conducting research surveys since 2012, across industries with the vision of providing readers an objective assessment of rankings for schools, wealth, power and more.



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