#MakeAPromise With Louis Vuitton And UNICEF


Fashion high house Louis Vuitton and leading humanitarian and development organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have joined hands to support the most vulnerable children worldwide. In this global partnership, children exposed to situations that threaten their wellfare and safety including conflict, diseases, natural disasters will be supported with funds raised for UNICEF.

In emergencies and humanitarian crises, children are often even more susceptible to disease, malnourishment and violence. The situation is worse for children living in conflict zones; in addition to being denied an education or access to clean water, privileges many of us enjoy without a second thought, many are unlikely to live past their fifth birthday.

As part of this campaign, Louis Vuitton has launched the Silver Lockit. Inspired by Georges Vuitton’s 1890 invention, the pick-proof tumbler lock, the Silver Lockit symbolizes protection – a promise to help children in need.

S$300 from each sale of the pendant or bracelet will be donated to UNICEF. The Silver Lockit will be available from 13 January in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.