Jennifer Aniston Is A Stripper!

[Photo credits: screenshots from Warner Bros UK Trailers]

The red band (aka NSFWish) trailer for We’re the Millers came out yesterday and it had a couple of scenes of Jennifer Aniston stripping in a club and another scene of Jennifer Aniston stripping in a barn (Side note: “Strippers in a barn” is basically the theme for Trace Cyrus’ future bachelor party).

I get why Jennifer Aniston wanted to play a stripper. When she’s not crocheting boleros for her Beanie Babies, she’s doing tequila shots off of Chelsea Handler’s leather-covered stomach and when she’s not doing that, she’s working out (or getting lunch-time lipo). So, since she works that hard on her body, she figures that she might as well show her ass off. I get it.

But my neighbor’s 12-year-old, obese cat whose got a field of dingles on her butt would make a more believable stripper than Jennifer Aniston does.

But I do appreciate the tribute to TLC in the trailer…