Chaumet Lumières D’eau Collection

In the video above, meet Chaumet’s creative director, Claire Dévé-Rakoff, and the Maison’s 12th Workshop Master, Pascal Bourdariat, as they talk about the inspiration behind the new Lumières d’Eau collection.

Chaumet’s latest high jewelry collection Lumières d’eau, is inspired by water in its myriad of forms. Created specially for the Biennale that is set to take place in Paris from September 11 – 21, the new Lumières d’eau collection consists of 12 sets of jewelry (keep in mind that 12, is a symbolic number of Chaumet, founded in 1780 and located at number 12, place Vendôme, Paris).

Each set is based on different scenarios involving water, like warbling streams, childhood ricochets, rain-drenched skies and sun-lit lakes. With the new collection, Chaumet ultimately pays tribute to theateria prima of the Nereids, the symbol of life and rebirth, shimmering with infinite light refractions.