WardrobeTrendsFashion Partners World Vision Foundation Thailand (WVFT)

Herbert Rafael, Founder of WardrobeTrendsFashion, with Mrs Chitra Thumborisuth, National Director of World Vision Foundation Thailand (WVFT)

Founder of WardrobeTrendsFashion, Herbert Rafael Sim, was in Bangkok, Thailand, earlier last week initiating a partnership to provide pro-bono support for World Vision Foundation Thailand (WVFT)’s various projects with specific focus for the ‘Child Sponsorship Programme’. This partnership forged coincides with WVFT’s 40th anniversary.

In an official message by Mrs Chitra Thumborisuth, National Director of World Vision Foundation Thailand (WVFT):

“I am very proud to announce that this year is the 40th anniversary of World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT). WVFT was officially registered as a foundation in 1974,
a year after I joined. World Vision International first began its ministry in Thailand in 1972, sponsoring orphans in Udorn Thani and child care protection in Petchaburi with only five staff members.

A lot has changed in 40 years. WVFT currently works in 45 provinces across Thailand, has 793 staff members, and sponsors 102,617 children. We have had the opportunity to
see sponsored children grow into successful adults. Many sponsored children return to volunteer with us later in life or sponsor other children. Seeing the smiles and hope in
children’s faces, then later seeing them achieve their dreams, makes our work very fulfilling.

Development and changes first must begin with families. If parents are sustainable, their children benefit as well. This is why WVFT’s approach focuses on assisting in multiple
aspects; education, livelihood, health and child protection. We see gradual changes and growth in the communities that we help as we empower and enchance their capacities.
When WVFT first started, all of our development programmes and sponsored children were internationally sponsored. Today, 75% of our programme areas are locally funded and 68% of WVFT sponsored children are Thai-sponsored.

Witnessing Thailand develop over the past 40 years and Thais supporting fellow Thais has been humbling and fills me with pride in my country. None of this work could have been achieved without your support. The smiles and hope that you have brought to children don’t just last for a day, they grow with the child. I thank you for your continuous support.”

WVFT seeks for sponsors who can provide continuous donation of 650 baht per month for the ‘Child Sponsorship Programme’. The donations go to improving the lives of children, families and community. The children receive school materials, vocation skill-based training and an opportunity to continuously pursue education to a higher level.

For more information, go to www.worldvision.or.th.