Graff Diamonds “Lesotho Promise Necklace”


Graff Diamonds has unveiled the fruit of 18 months of labor – the Lesotho Promise Necklace – made up of 26 cut and polished diamonds of flawless D-grade, starting from .52 carats. Set in white gold, the necklace tips with an impressive pear-shaped diamond of 76.41 carats.

The diamonds that make up the necklace hail from the 603 carat (121g) Lesotho Promise diamond, so named because it was unearthed at the Letseng mine in the landlocked Kingdom of Lesotho in Africa on August 22, 2006.

Graff Diamonds acquired the Lesotho Promise, the 15th largest rough diamond ever recovered, at an auction for US$12.4 million in October in the same year.

Weighing in at a final 223.35 carats, the necklace that contains every single diamond from the Lesotho Promise was recently on display at the Salle Empire in Monte Carlo.

As Laurence Graff has vowed not to split up the set of diamonds valued at $50 million, the final fetching price remains in high speculation.