Giorgio Armani New Normal Collection


Giorgio Armani’s New Normal collection as a search for timeless discretion, contrasting with passing fads.Normal is the norm, too – sort of like a specific aesthetic code. And New means up to date, like classic style revisited and reinterpreted on the basis of today’s canons. In this collection Giorgio Armani confirms that he always keeps up to date.

Available from June in Giorgio Armani boutiques, the New Normal collection includes timeless pieces and is the perfect wardrobe for active and dynamic women. Essential and concise, it summarises 40 years of style that have defied the test of time. The collection, characterised by a refined selection of fabrics, and fluid and sleek cuts, focuses on daywear, but also includes exquisite crossover garments such as a trench coat in black velvet, which is paired with men’s trousers and a satin top, pullovers and sportswear. At the heart of the collection is the famed trouser suit, a long-time icon of the Armani style, which is executed in different variations of shape, materials and fit.

This piece is matched with a variety of coats. To complete the collection are shoes and bags with a classical touch, made of exquisite materials such as crocodile, in warm shades of leather and cognac or in the coldest hues of dark green and ice.

“I believe in messages that get straight to the point. The New Normal collection is the essence of my style, designed for modern women; they are pragmatic, feminine and lead an active life, and want to look impeccable and feel comfortable at all times of the day” says Giorgio Armani.