WTF exclusive: Interview with Andrea Rosso

We’ve share with you previously of ZALORA to exclusively carry 55DSL‏. Today we share with you of our WTF exclusive interview with Andrea Rosso, the man himself, creative director of 55DSL.

Exuding a certain zest for the beautiful quirks of cross-country exploration, and adventure, Rosso leads one of the most original, successful Italian streetwear brands in history through a mix of his eclectic flavor and cutting-edge sensibility.

In this exclusive interview we get to know a little more about him on & off duty.

What are the difficulties nowadays in the fashion industry and markets?

I think the most important thing is that we have to be always be ready to go out to do things in the right time, with a fast response to market needs.

The number 55 in 55DSL came from the date your father, Renzo Rosso, was born. What’s your contribution in 55DSL?

I’m the creative director of 55DSL, so I’m always workin’ with the creative team,on the collection and on the new collaboration, reserching and scouting new ideas.

Now, what music do you listen to in your free time?

Many kind, depents of the mood. Lately I’ve been listening to BOT’ox and italian music, like BATTISTI or ZUCCHERO…

Which other designers do you admire?

Jun Takahashi from Undercover and, because I’ve been in contact with more furniture’s design, I like FOSCARINI. and SELETTI…From the girl’s word, I like MARION BOLOGNESI for her watercolor effect.

In the last years it seems like fashion industry is revisiting the last decades over and over. Does it mean that we are in a period previous to a bigger change and innovation?

I think so, I think we’re always waiting for a big change, but – in the same time- I think people are tired to see repeated things, the infamous “safe things”. Now it’s time for a big change, innovative change. We need it!

What types of materials do you use in the making of your collections?

We try to use as many fabrics we can, considering our possibility: I love fabrics, it’s all I studied the most. I’m a big fan of jacquard and polycotton.

Whenever you’re not working, what kind of things do you enjoy doing?

I like running: I just finished my second marathon in berlin. And, of course!, I use to listen a lot of music…

Which aims 55DSL has for the future?

We love to keep our small group of people united, we must remain a small compact group… but with quite a “blast radius” to the outside!