Victoria Beckham X Land Rover Special Edition Land Rover Evoque


The Victoria Beckham X Land Rover Special Edition Land Rover Evoque

A collaborative effort between the former Spice Girl and Gerry McGovern, design director of Land Rover, the Victoria Beckham X Land Rover Special Edition Land Rover Evoque was unveiled amid much fanfare at the Beijing Auto Show earlier this week.

Decked out in exclusive hand-finished matt paint, the four-seat coupe sports a softer and a more feminine outlook, a sentiment inevitably bolstered by the rose gold accents on the grille surround, badging and 20” gloss black forged alloy wheels. The interior meanwhile, features soft, vintage-inspired leather seats and luxurious trim materials such as Grand black lacquers and veneers, textured aluminium and mohair.

Also on offer is a range of accessories including a four- piece leather luggage set and a hand-sewn leather wallet for the owner’s manual, all bearing Beckham’s signature. car

Available in a limited edition of 200 vehicles worldwide, the top of the range Rover Range Evoque is built at Halewood manufacturing facility in Liverpool and hand-finished by Land Rover’s Engineering to Order (ETO) division. Land Rover tells us that deliveries will commence as early as October 2012.

The car is currently on display at the Beijing Auto Show, which runs from April 25 to May 2.

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Victoria Beckham jets in for the launch


Rose gold is featured prominently in the detailing