Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Monochrome


Harry Winston’s Ocean Dual Time Monochrome is a poetic expression of the nature of time and its physical effect on the world. It explores one of the great mysteries of time – the fact that it flows irrevocably forward. Never turning back. Never stopping. However with our contemporary ability to cross oceans and continents easily and quickly with high speed travel, we have somewhat gained the ability to time travel. For example, take a trip from Singapore to New York, and you suddenly find yourself in “the past”.

The Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Monochrome shows the time in two different time zones (home time and local time) and does so in a style distinct to the brand. Each dial even its own day/night indicator, as opposed to the more typical single day/night indicator. Another feature unique to this model is a large date display which presents the date, in two digits, in a vertical orientation. The case is made from Harry Winston’s unique proprietary alloy Zallium, composed of aluminum and zirconium. Light and, resistant to corrosion it will truly stand the test of time.