Starfleet Machine By MB&F AND L’Epée


Swiss clock manufacturer, L’Epée, and the creative geniuses from the horological design team at MB&F have created something that even Captain James T. Kirk would deem worthy to bring along in his exploration of deep space and beyond. Maximilian Büsser from MB&F developed the concept of the Starfleet Machine based on one of his favorite childhood TV shows… Star Trek, of course.

Next to even contemporary table clocks, Starfleet Machine stands out like a Vulcan at a terrestrial dinner party. The Starfleet Machine is an intergalactic spaceship-cum-table clock, featuring hours and minutes, double retrograde seconds and power reserve indicator. The highly visible, superlatively finished in-house movement boasts an exceptional power reserve of 40 days. Hours and minutes are indicated on the central black dome by hand-polished hands that follow the dome’s curved contours. Behind that, a smaller rotating dome, accompanied by a revolving radar dish, provides an intuitive view of remaining energy: five bars indicate that the movement is fully wound.

Every component (except the 48 jewels) of the superlatively finished palladium-treated brass movement is designed and manufactured at L’Epée’s Swiss atelier. The gears and mainspring barrels are on full display thanks to the skeletonised mainplate and concentric C-shaped external structure in stainless steel. Starfleet Machine can rest on both ends of its vertical ‘landing gear’; useful for when you turn it over to wind the mainspring and set the time.

The Starfleet Machine is limited to 175 pieces and is available in ‘light’ or ‘dark’ editions, the latter with ruthenium-finished components.