Singapore To Host The Chanel “Sous Le Signe Du Lion” Collection In April


The “Sous Le Signe Du Lion” High Jewellery collection will be hosted in the Chanel Fine Jewelry boutique in Singapore for public viewing in a special boutique decor. This marks the first time that the entire high jewellery collection by Chanel, dedicated to the iconic Lion, will be coming to Singapore for a public viewing. The collection will be available in Singapore soon from April to June.

The High Jewellery collection “Sous le Signe du Lion” showcases Gabrielle Chanel’s emblematic animal in a collection of 58 exceptional pieces, categorized into 11 themes. As king of the zodiac, both solar and majestic, and guardian saint of the Serenissima embodying all its strength and beauty, the lion occupies a very particular place in Gabrielle Chanel’s imaginary world. Making its first appearance in Chanel Fine Jewellery in 2012, the lion is part of Mademoiselle Chanel’s symbolic language and one of her sources of inspiration.

The “Lion Royal” set from the collection was also the first creation produced by Chanel’s internal High Jewellery workshop, located at 18th Place Vendôme, on the 5th floor of its building that was opened in 2012.