Sara Shantelle Head CPR for “I Love WTF” Campaign

The “I Love WTF” campaign by WardrobeTrendsFashion(WTF)
is proudly brought to you by our sponsors –
Blackberry, SaraShantelle, and WantedLabels!

If you are wondering what an oxygen head CPR bottle is, today we are gonna let you in on the secrets of this amazing product that works to increase collagen production and hair follicle growth.

All around the world, Men are universally drawn to shiny, lush locks of hair, as healthy long hair is a feature that points to youth and fertility and are things guys desire and hunt for in an ideal mate.


Well, SaraShantelle NO.1 HEAD CPR OXYGEN THERAPY SET helps you achieve this desirable and oh-so-attractive attribute as it infuses oxygen into your scalp to stimulate head blood circulation and hair growth, pH balance and preventing dandruff. Its cooling properties adds a minty sensation that helps to reduce migraines, headaches and stress from our busy lifestyles. It also helps in road rage. So leave a bottle in your car now!


Get No.1 Head CPR at $79 & receive FREE set of oxygen scalp therapy set(Worth $58)!

Quote WTF Special to order through phone call 6270 2122.

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