Larry Jewelry Eternal Bride Collection

Fashion has evolved dramatically over the past century, with iconic style movements such as the Renaissance era and the roaring 1920s. The majority of today’s fashion styles have been inspired by the legacy of these moments in fashion history, proudly worn by women all around the world based on their personal style and taste. To celebrate the diversity of fashion personalities, Larry Jewelry, unveils its bridal series, the Eternal Bride Collection.

The new collection offers brides-to-be eight distinct sets of contemporary wedding jewelry styles to complement their individuality. Influenced by the evolution of fashion, the collection presents brides a chance to adorn jewelry that best represents her style, while ensuring she exudes elegance and radiating beauty in her wedding gown. The Eternal Bride Collection also celebrates the opening of a new bridal concept within Larry Jewelry ION Orchard, Singapore, following extensive renovations at the boutique earlier this month.

The Eternal Bride Collection is exclusive to Larry Jewelry boutiques in Singapore.



Popularised by the fashionable French in the late 1800s, Art Nouveau, also known as ‘new art’, was a style movement used in various designs such as jewelry, illustration and architecture, with its characteristic employment of sinuous, organic lines. The Art Nouveau series, with a magnificent centrepiece necklace and two pairs of flawless earrings, completes the look for the non-conventional bride seeking for alternative jewelry designs fitting her bohemian personality.



The turn of the 19th century saw gifted, technical artistic talent in the creation of jewelry; unparalleled craftsmanship of that time brought expensive and intricate jewels to the limelight. The ‘garland’ style was popularised in this era, with many fashionable women adorning neck ornaments, such as delicate chokers with necklaces. The Belle series takes on this era with a rendition of the garland style, using exquisite round and pear-shaped diamonds to form a mesmerising set of necklace, bracelet and earrings. The bride is sure to reflect the affluence and refinement of this era with this series.



The world witnessed a societal shift in the 1980s, with the exponential increase in disposable income like never before. With a heightened focused on wealth and consumption, fashion rose to prominence – in a big way. Iconic of the 1980s appeal was the big, exaggerated hairstyles, and bold, colorful makeup. Embracing this fashion trend, the Eighties series focuses on large, statement pieces accompanied with brilliant, ideal-cut Lazare diamonds elaborated across earrings, bracelet and necklace, ultimately highlighting the personal grandiose style of the bride.



The first French empress, Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoléon Bonaparte, characterised this era with her style of slender fashion. It was a period of time where garments began to flow and drape, with increased emphasis on creating a natural style. Taking a leaf out of Joséphine de Beauharnais’ fashion book, the Empire series comprises a beautiful, white-gold necklace and bracelet with elements of scintillating round brilliant diamonds, and a pair of diamond-clustered earrings. It is the ideal jewelry set for the down-to-earth bride, who prefers classic simplicity as her fashion style.



Style icons of this were Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. The epitomes of fabulous glamour, these icons are so well-respected for their good taste that other famous celebrities have tried to emulate and capture their charm. In the Hollywood series, the jewelry pieces, including an alluring necklace and bracelet, and exceptional diamond earring studs, resonate flamboyant flair for the ever-glamorous bride on her wedding day.



Rising in prominence in the 1950s, minimalism first introduced itself as an art movement defined by the elimination of secondary elements to allow the basic features to express themselves without distraction. The Minimalism series, made up of a white-gold dazzling necklace, a prominent heart-shaped pendant and a pair of elegant earrings creates a visual of ultimate simplification of form and color, giving total emphasis to the bride’s natural beauty on her wedding day.



Key in this era was the attraction for all-things-refined. Women’s fashion style focused around the delicate neckline, with visible décolletage in both day and night fashion. Adapting this idea, the Romantic series consists of pretty and whimsical pieces of intricately crafted earrings, a tantalising bracelet and a heavily embellished necklace perfect for the off-shoulder gown. The result is timeless sophistication to usher in a fairy-tale wedding come true.



The reign of the English monarchs, the Tudors, brought their fashion style to the forefront of the 16th century; their renaissance fashion is often described as opulent and extravagant. Taking inspiration from this era, the Tudor series encompasses two divine necklaces that reflect the Tudor style of incorporating pendant-like features to jewelry pieces. Ultimately this creates a very refined and spectacular jewelry set for the perfect regal look on any bride.