L’Ambroisie Comes To Macau


Bernard Pacaud (left) and his son Mathieu

Famed French restaurant L’Ambroisie is coming to the Paul Y. Engineering’s new Cotai property. With three Michelin stars to its name and having maintained the stars for more than 20 years, the new venture will be called L’Ambroisie at Louis XIII. Paul Y Engineering is proposing a name change for itself to Louis XIII Holdings Ltd, hence the restaurant’s name. Founded by Grand Chef cuisinier Bernard Pacaud, L’Ambroisie is currently jointly run with his son, Mathieu, and is known to be loved by European royals, Parisian high society, celebrities and international business icons alike.

“We are extremely honored to partner with the Pacaud’s to develop the first ever L’Ambroisie other than the original restaurant situated at Place des Vosges in Paris. To assure the same high standards as the one inParis, all food ingredients will be flown in from France and nothing will be sourced locally. In addition, unlike many Michelin 3 star restaurants that merely franchise their name, the Pacaud’s will actually be cooking regularly at L’Ambroisie at Louis XIII. Together with an uncompromising fine wine collection worth several hundred million dollars, we aim to offer our valued customers the best that French haute cuisine has to offer.”