Kristen Stewart’s Hairstyles Through the Years: A Timeline


Actress Kristen Stewart has had many different hair colors and styles through the years. (Photo: / PR Photos)

Actress Kristen Stewart is known for being Hollywood’s number one bad girl and also having amazing hair. From short hairstyles to long tousled waves to messy updos, Kristen has done it all. The star also has had many different hair colors through the years–going from blonde to brunette to red in just a few short years. Check out Kristen’s many different hairstyles below.


In 2005, Kristen showed off a brown, messy hairstyle far from Hollywood glam. (Photo: carrie-nelson /


In 2007, Kristen appeared on the red carpet again, this time with a sleek and polished dark brown hair.


Later in 2007, Kristen Stewart showed off a blonde updo at the ‘Into the Wild’ LA Premiere. (Photo: Chris Hatcher / PR Photos)


In 2009, Kristen showed off messy brown hair with highlights while promoting ‘Twilight’. (Photo: Robin Wong / PR Photos)


Kristen took a major chop, debuting short brown hair in September of 2009. (Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos)


By November of 2009, Kristen already was rocking shoulder length hair with bangs. (Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos)


In 2011, Kristen Stewart rocks a messy chestnut brown hairstyle at the MTV Movie Awards. (Photo: Andrew Evans / PR Photos)


In 2013, Kristen rocked a messy braided hairstyle at the Kids’ Choice Awards. (Photo: Helga Esteb /


In May 2014, Kristen Stewart sported long red hair while in Cannes. (Photo: cinemafestival /


In November 2014, Kristen showed off a short hairstyle once again on the carpet in dark red. (Photo: Helga Esteb /


Kristen Stewart in 2012 with long and messy hair.


A brunette Kristen Stewart with romantic waves and highlights


Kristen Stewart with a romantic updo at the 2011 Met Gala


Kristen Stewart rocks a sleek ponytail in March 2012.


Kristen Stewart with a sleek and slicked back version of a short hairstyle.