Karlie Kloss Primps & Preens in Red Lingerie for LOVE Film

Model Karlie Kloss primps in red lingerie for LOVE Magazine film

LOVE Magazine’s 2016 advent calendar taps model Karlie Kloss for its latest film. Starring in Day 23 of the calendar, the American beauty primps and preens for director Phil Poynter in the minute-long clip. The video begins with Karlie entering the room in a a fit and flare coat. She then proceeds to take off the look as she struggles to get ready for her mystery beau.

Underneath, Karlie reveals a sexy red lingerie look. Featuring a lace bra and red slip skirt, the 24-year-old also shows off her long legs in a pair of Louboutins. After putting on a swipe of red lipstick (and wetting her hair with vase water), she walks out the door, looking pleased with her sexy ensemble.



Karlie Kloss stars in LOVE’s 2016 advent calendar

Directed by Phil Poynter, Karlie Kloss stars in LOVE Magazine film

Karlie Kloss models red lingerie in LOVE Magazine film