Dress Natural: 10 Comfortable Autumn Styles from H&M

(Left) H&M Knit Sweater and Ankle-Length Slim-Fit Pants (Right) H&M Embroidered Sweatshirtand Suit Pants

With the weather changing, H&M offers cold weather outfit ideas for a new trend guide. Called ‘Dress Natural’, the fashion shoot stars models Mathilde Brok Brandi and Lou Schoof.

The pair heads outdoors in cozy layers including knit sweaters, puffer coats and slim-fit pants. Paired with hooded sweatshirts and blouses, these pieces will fit perfectly in your wardrobe.



(Left) H&M Cashmere-Blend Sweater and Vintage High Jeans (Right) H&M Long Pile Coat, Knit Sweater and Slim Ankle High Jeans

H&M Wool-Blend Coat, V-Neck Blouse and Straight Regular Jeans

H&M Padded Parka, Knot-Detail Sweatshirt and Suit Pants

H&M Long Pile Coat

H&M Padded Parka, Knit Hooded Sweater and Ankle-Length Slim-Fit Pants

H&M Cotton Blouse and Straight Regular Jeans

H&M V-Neck Sweater and Ankle-Length Slim-Fit Pants

H&M Padded Parka and Ankle-Length Slim-Fit Pants