Forevermark Asia Tour


We recently reported on the launch of Forevermark Brand Zone in Hong Kong and the latest item of jewelry to join the Precious Collection. The entire collection, along with the new piece by Shaun Leane has recently been touring Asia, having just made it through China and debuting in Tokyo 19 June. From its world premiere in Hong Kong February 2009, the collection has gained traction with the press and piqued the interest of collectors. Just a glance at the audacity of designers Bao Bao Wan and Mona Mehta should explain why.

Of course, like all stories involving diamonds, there is much that does not meet the naked eye; stories that are only hinted at in the sparkle of the stones. Forevermark CEO Francois Delage puts it this way: “Behind every Forevermark diamond is a precious story. Since the beginning of time, diamonds have inspired countless myths, tales and legends.” With the participation of designers such as Leane, Mehta and Wan – not to mention the involvement of literary giants such as Paul Theroux – Forevermark tells a story that everyone will want to hear; a story that will be different to each person who listens.