Eco Friendly Fashion and Innovative Designs – Hong Kong Fashion Week


It’s the nineteenth anniversary of Hong Kong Fashion Week. Like always, it is a great opportunity to watch local designers reveal their new collections. This time we also had the chance to see the most innovative Hong Kong fashion through a special show presented by selected graduating fashion students.

Usually during fashion weeks we are used to seeing experienced fashion designers exposing their new collections. Hong Kong Fashion Week producers decided to add unique dimensions to the shows. This time around, one of the highlights was a fashion show in which twelve students had the privilege to show their finest and most innovative creations.

Those students graduated the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and during the runway show each one of them created six new designs. It was amazing to see the way personal visions were interpreted into different fashion designs, all on one stage.

One of the major focuses during the fashion week was Eco friendly fashion designs. Local designers put their best efforts in order to recycle all kinds of materials and create the coolest designs without harming our environment. As one of the most industrial countries, the Eco friendly trend is wonderful news. Apart from the clothing items, Hong Kong designers also created Eco-friendly accessories, colorful shopping bags and much more.

Vincent FANG Kang, Chairman of the Garment Advisory Committee of the HKTDC, is not surprised by the buzz around fashion week. Many international brands wish to open stores and deal with China, he explains. Hong Kong is the best way for them to get to know the culture and how to deal with its people. For brands like Forever 21, Gap and many others, Hong Kong is a stepping stone and the bridge to China.

The four-day fashion week provided international buyers, clients and journalists a chance to see some innovative Far-East designs and open new future business options.