Cream & Spray With A Sheen By Kenzoki


Kenzoki, even though a newcomer to the world of skincare, is as delightful to the skin as Kenzo Parfums is pleasing to the nose. The latest creations by Kenzoki, the Cream With A Sheen and the Spray With A Sheen, are no exceptions. This unbeatable duo promise to be your skin’s private escort all day long. Clothed in white lotus, the cream also carries its own scent.

Like all of Kenzoki’s face care products, Active Plant Essense of white lotus is an active ingredient. Naturally rich in antioxidants, it concentrates the plant’s soothing and protective power. Kenzo extracted a 100% natural vital sap from the heart of the lotus. Then this active plant core is enriched with additional plant extracts for deep, targeted action. Dulse is also added to reinforce this emblematic activator in Cream and Spray With A Sheen. The small red seaweed is a concentrate of essential elements and contains an exceptional amount of proteins, vitamins A and B12, minerals and essential fatty acids. It helps reactivate the skin’s micro-circulation and tones it for a healthy look.

Remember, after applying the products, just add in a little smile and you will be all set!


Cream With A Sheen


Spray With A Sheen