Buben & Zörweg X-Treme 007


Collectors, who appreciate the focus that was placed on security this year, would have been ecstatic to receive the new creations from Buben & Zörweg that were shown at Baselworld this year. One the new masterpieces unveiled for 2015 was the Buben & Zörweg X-TREME 007 – this also happens to be our favourite.

Watching a safe elevate itself at the touch of a button is something, one would say, that was taken directly out of Q’s gadget lab in a 007 movie. In this case, the next generation of the already iconic X-007 safe came directly from the Buben & Zörweg manufactory in Germany, where its R&D department can rightfully be compared with a lab Q would have worked in.

The next generation X-TREME 007 was completely redesigned with a new outside shape and decoration where an “X” shaped cover highlights its stronger, stylish expression. And, as only a spy like 007 would conceive, the only safe in the world that opens vertically and remains completely disguised to the eyes of the uninformed onlooker.

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