Breitling Celebrates 30 Years Of Its Flagship Chronomat Timepiece


(L-R) Sales Director of Breitling Malaysia, SH Phoo; Managing Director of C Melchers GMBH & Co (Malaysia), Felix Niesmann; Director of C Melchers GMBH & Co, Alexander C Melchers and Breitling Boutique Manager, Belinda Chew

For the 30th anniversary of Breitling’s flagship Chronomat model, the Swiss watchmaker launched a special series of the Chronomat Airborne collection on Jul 8.

Held in its flagship boutique in Pavilion KL, Breitling invited 100 distinguished guests including Directors of C Melchers GMBH & Co, Alexander C Melchers and Felix Niesmann, to witness the celebratory launch.

Pilot models in flight suits took centre stage as each posed with the matching special edition Chronomat Airborne timepiece.


Carl Graham, Sarah Lian


Director of C Melchers GMBH & Co, Alexander C Melchers; Janice Teou


Godfrey Chang and Breitling Boutique Manager, Belinda Chew


Pilot model posing with the special edition Chronomat Airborne watch



Breitling’s special edition Chronomat Airborne watches