Bonia Miniature Animal Sonia Bags


Bonia has launched its very first Miniature Animal Sonia Bags – The Dudu and Friends Collection. The Dudu and Friends collection is a pop-print design collection that features nine cute little animals. This limited edition collection is the mini version of Bonia’s previously released Sonia Bag collection. Each of these mini bags has a short leather strap, can be your or your child’s best friend. Who says that you can’t inject a bit of fun while still staying stylish?

The Bonia design team designed the Dudu and Friends Collection with craft-inspired neat patch-work. “We want to give lively characters in Dudu collection, which is why we decided to design all 9 of them differently, using colourful flowers, riverts and threads. It is, indeed, an artful package that’s full of cute animals in their own land, named as Duduland. Each of them has pop-culture eyes, tassels, a top handle and short leather strap,” explained the design team.


Dudu is the male panda and also the husband of Huhu


Huhu is the female panda known for her carefree spirit


BB is a dog and also the policeman in Duduland


Lily is the social and brilliant chicken and her dream is to become a singer


Yoyo is a wise owl and is a teacher in Duduland


Dede is a graceful deer who enjoys ballet dancing


Nana is an amazing magician cat


Mei Mei is an adventurous goat


Qiqi is a social and friendly penguin