World’s First Hublot Pop-up Store Opens In Singapore


Hublot generated a Big Bang of its own over the hyper-kinetic Singapore Grand Prix week, by erecting the manufacture’s first pop-up store right in the heart of the island’s premium shopping belt.

A collaborative project with fine timepiece distributor The Hour Glass, the Hublot Big Bang pop-up store at the Paragon Atrium was thronged by serious watch collectors and budding horologists alike, and graced by the attendance of some high-profile faces from Singapore’s high society scene.

The edifice was a startling sight to behold, being a pavilion threaded together with more than 35,000 individual hand-folded origami-like black crystals. A serious showstopper, the exhibit more than held up to the glittering promise of its facade: some truly Big Bangs were on display, such as the Royal Million Trio, comprising the US$5 million Big Bang, US$1.2 Million Bang and Baby Million Bang.

Harnessing technology for an engaging, multi-sensory experience, the Trio was housed in an “open”, invisible showcase: reach out for the timepieces and they would “vanish”—a tantalizing tease for many who wanted to cop a feel of the opulent jeweled timepieces. Other highlights include 3D displays that melded animation, movement sensors and digital media to provide seamless “watching” of Hublot’s coveted creations.

This novel, interactive exhibit of close to 70 limited edition models was an unprecedented visual feast for Singapore guests, who were also treated to their own bespoke experience at the dedicated Strap Bar: existing Hublot owners could choose from what was billed as the most comprehensive collection of Hublot straps in a plethora of hues, skins and metal. A good time, so to speak, was had by all. If you missed the exhibit, here’s a brief look at what went down at the Big Bang.