Who’s That Hottie: Stephani Kay

This week, stirring up the heat is hairstylist, dancer & model, Stephani Kay, with Cherokee and Australian English roots and believes its important to know you don’t just have to choose ONE dream to follow.

Tell us about where you are from and what you love about your country? 

I’m from the US and more specifically, from California. I love a lot of things about the US; the music, fashion, LA, the beaches in California, the great landmarks such as the hollywood sign and the golden gate bridge. There are many things to love about my country.

What has a man done, that has talked you out of your dress?

No man can talk me out of my dress, well except one but that hasn’t happened. I usually only go to my girl friends for fashion advice and even in those instances they may simply point out something I’ve overlooked in my outfit.

Not needing to talk me out of it just add a little something or take away something that may have been a little too much.

Tell us about the fashion in your country.

Alongside with the new technology of being able to share just about anything with everyone, including fashion trends, so quickly and easily by; upload  pictures and sharing our opinions through facebook, tumblr, twitter, and other social networking sites fashion in the US has evolved quite a bit.

In  the end everyone has their own personal style that can be conceived as fashion today because fashion is in constant motion, whats “hot” today might not be tomorrow.

What I’m seeing a lot of though with women’s fashion currently is a more reserved type of pin up style clothing. Things like the high waist-ed shorts, cut off mid drift shirts,  and more floral patterns.

Your best memory?

I have alot of great memories but I think if I had to choose one my best memory would be one with my little sister.

When we were younger we used to take the lawn chairs out (the ones you can lay back in) and put them in the front yard in the evenings during summer time, lay out, and drink Capri suns. My mom came out and asked us what we were doing one night and we told her we were moon tanning.

What turns you on, gets your heart racing and makes you weak in the knees?

There’s only one man that can do all those things, my boyfriend James Contreras.

Your inspirations?

 I think my own experiences have been my biggest inspirations. My entire life; The things I’ve done, the people Ive met, my family,and so much more has been what inspires me. I know that seems like a pretty broad answer and I guess it kind of is but its the truest one as well.

I do It with my girlfriends Only. What is it?

When I’m going to the salon its always best with my girls; getting hair, nails, and facials done. No boys allowed while beautifying with my ladies.

In another life what would you want to be?

In another life I think I would like to be a cat, not a house cat but a wild cat.

It was wild and mind-blowing. What was it?

 The Dive devil bungee jump, when you first pull the cord and drop, that is pretty mind-blowing in my opinion. 

I could do It All Day & All Night Long. What would this be?

 Hang out with my best friends, I don;t think I could ever get tired of them. They are the most exciting, crazy, and charismatic women I know. It doesn’t even matter what we are doing, we always seem to have a good time.

 What would you not be caught dead doing?

 Well if I was caught dead doing anything, I suppose that means I wouldn’t be caught alive.

What or Who are your biggest fashion influences?

 My biggest fashion influences would have to be my sisters, my younger sister Heather and one of my older sisters Miriam. I would honestly rather go shopping in their closets then go out shopping most of the time.