Who’s That Hottie: Jason Godfrey

Diving into the hot seat this month is the oh-so-charming, and witty model and TV presenter Jason Godfrey. Besides gracing runways and the covers of top magazines worldwide, the University of Waterloo graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies is also a certified diver and expert rock climber proving to be blessed with the irresistible trio of  brains, looks & pizazz.

The Hong Kong-based Hottie of Canadian-Filipino descent was also recently featured alongside George Clooney in an adrenaline powered Mercedes-Benz car chase, a perfect fit for Jason.

How do you prepare for a ‘live’ show?

Memorize the lines, badly.

How did you go from Environmental Studies to what you do now?


Your quite the adrenaline junking & have a sensation seeking personality from the variety of dangerous outdoor hobbies you have. Is there anything that you would not do?

Yes. I don’t jump off/out of things.

Any addictions?

Crack. Just kidding. Digital comics. Just kidding. Alcohol. Just kiddin- oh wait.

Share with our readers something most people don’t know about you.

I’m missing a body part.

What would you not do in Singapore that you have done overseas?

Chew gun.

How would you define your fashion style?


Your favorite fashion stores?

The cheap ones.

Your favorite fashion Guru?

George Clooney. He just wears that black suit, white shirt, no tie. Looks easy. I understand that

Favorite brands?

LG. my dehumidifier is NeoMax. So it’s a tie between them. Oh, you mean clothes? Diesel. Or Desigual. Although I can’t wear any of their clothes. I’m not adventurous with colour.

What turns you on?

Girls in pigtails covered in mud. Is that weird?

Your first fashion memory?

Walking into Elite Model Management, looking at the board and realizing I was not cool or good looking enough to model.

Describe a naughtiest moment.

I stole a Lego block when I was 7. I still get sweaty palms thinking about it.

Any sex advice?

Have it! It’s good.

What is the best thing about your job as an entertainer, host, model?

People call me an artist. Sometimes.

What are you working on right now in your career?

Continuing to have a career.

Is there a special girl in your life right now?

She probably wants to be called a woman.

What was the most out of this world thing a girl did to get your attention?

Told me to close my eyes and then put her finger in my mouth. A pretty awkward moment followed.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

Mud wrestling girls in pig tails.

Your life motto?

Bring on the pig tailed, mud wrestling girls!!

Check out Jason’s Blog here.