Who’s That Hottie: Charles Phua

Wardrobetrendsfashion (WTF) brings to you 3 Sexy Steps to a Hotter you Charles Phua.


What would you like our readers to know about you?

I prefer to keep an air of mystery to everything =) but okay if i have to just reveal a little bit, There is never a dull moment when I’m around. I am  harmless, friendly, positive, happy, easy going & I am training to achieve my aspirations of becoming a singer.

What do you think of Singaporean men’s Style?

If i were to put my finger on it, i would say our Singaporean Men are styled casual but almost sloppy. There’s an air of im-so-cool-i-dont-give-a-damn in their singlets and berms with slippers, something my professor in NUS hated, but i think its alright because it reflects our generation’s attitude.  I believe everyone should dress differently and according to how they want to express their individuality, and not becoming a carbon copy of everyone else.

What are some of your fashion essentials?

used to be: rings, bracelet, scarf

now: Just a simple necklace

What are 3 of your must haves in your bag?

Cologne: One does not simply be pleasant to the people around him when he smells like he just slept in a dumpster, which easily happens in Singapore’s weather.

A Book: One does not simply waste time standing around while waiting or traveling, a book can ease the waiting time and is often enlightening and entertaining at the same time.

Sour plums: Have you tried putting them in beer? its totally awesome and changes the taste to something more akin to choya, but with a sour salty sweet velvety texture. I carry a bottle around just in case i have to drink beer (which is not my first choice for a drink)

What is sexy to you in a woman?

Confidence, it shows healthy self-esteem. Sex to me has to be accompanied by love, and healthy self esteem means love for oneself. I can only love someone who loves herself, for only when you love yourself can you give love to others.

What are your darkest secrets?

Behind this usual happy face, i am sometimes deeply emotional and sensitive and i’d cry embarrassingly to emotional movies or even songs when i sing them. Have you watched aftershock ?

What are some of your personal beauty tips & regimes ?

SMILE ! Not even the most beautiful person can look pleasant when grumpy. Plus smiling makes you happy, which in turn reflects itself on the skin.

EXERCISE: It detoxes and slims your silhouette while giving you a healthier sexier & radiant glow on your face too.

SHAVE: Asian and sparse facial hair doesn’t t go.

What turns you on?

Eyes that speak.

What are some of your indulgences?

Just about almost everything, i don’t hold back if I’m out to have fun. I can gobble down a whole buffet table. Recently I’ve been really into Not-your-ordinary-cocktails which have a billion calories in them I’m sure.

Any convictions?

Do anything you want bad enough, it will often materialize to you in ways you never imagined. But stay positive and it will just come true =)

Which fashion store could you spend the whole day in?

None really, I’ll get tired of looking at myself in clothes if I spent anything close to a whole day, and i would not be in a clear state of mind to make intelligent buys.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

On a stage, with bright lights and my own music playing while i sing to an audience who feels it.