Who’s That Hottie: Bryan Chan

WardrobeTrendsFashion (WTF) brings to you the gutsy, gorgeous, globe trotter and aspiring multi linguist, who will sweep all you ladies off your feet with his romantic first date idea.

6 words to sum you up?

Boy next door but not really.

What would you like our readers to know about you?

Only all the good stuff! Jokes. Okay well, I am 19, a closet nerd with a fascination for learning languages. Currently learning Spanish and French. I love 500 Days of Summer, The Lord of the Rings & Synecdoche: New York. I love traveling, adventure, conversing with friends and I think this is starting to sound like a dating ad.

I feel fashionable/sexy when….

The clothes fit perfect and feel like second skin, an extension of myself.

Favorite Brands?

I don’t have favorite brands. If they look and feel good, I’m good.

Though I think Pull & Bear have great basic tees. Great comfort and fit.

What or Who are your biggest fashion influences?

GQ magazine, foreign cultures and my favorite songs.

What do you think of Singaporean women’s Style?

They are dressing better and better, but a lot are just following trends and it makes them common. The ones that stand out don’t completely follow trends; they use their personal creativity, mixing and matching pieces from past and present to create something original, something them.

The naughtiest thing you ever did was..?

Driving around Bali in an 8 seater with 7 of my friends, none of us having a driver’s license then, for 8 days and over 400km. We ran from the cops twice with our car during the trip. Young & reckless times. Love it.

How do you stay looking so Fine.

Fruits before meals. Cleansing and moisturizing at least twice daily.

What do you predict will be the next fashion trend?

My best friend, Rachel once mentioned this in a conversation and I completely agree with her.

“Fashion is unpredictable. Even the greats like  can’t predict it. People should just find their personal style instead of going with the flow like everyone else.”

I hope expression of individuality is the next trend.

What turns you on?

Witty & intelligent girls/women who dare to live and are sensible enough to know that nonsense is a wonderful thing.

I could do It All Day & All Night Long. What would this be?

Reading good books & articles, watching good documentaries and finding good artistes on the internet.

What are some of your indulgences?

MILK CHOCOLATES, vacations and a good amount of sleep.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

Backpacking to places I’ve been wanting to visit & revisit; India, Israel, The U.S. & Amsterdam. Been thinking about it for quite awhile now, and I plan to do it after National Service, which is about 3 years from now.

Your date is making plans for the first date and you suggest…?

I suggest leaving the plans to me.

The plan would be to only let her know when the date is and that it’s going to be a casual date. An hour before our date, I’ll tell her to board a cab and pass the phone to the cabby.

I’ll then tell the cabby the directions to the place, where I have prepared something for us, probably a casual picnic somewhere with little or no people, somewhere chill and peaceful for getting to know each other. I’ll wait for her cab with a tiny bunch of wild flowers with a white string bundling it’s stalks.