Ulysse Nardin Releases Freak Diavolo Rolf 75


Rolf Schnyder (the owner and president of Ulysse Nardin) turned 75 this year, and to commemorate his achievements the brand is introducing the Freak Diavolo Rolf 75.

Schnyder said: “To celebrate my 75th birthday, I’ve chosen the Freak because it was an historic breakthrough for Ulysse Nardin and for the watch industry in general, and it is by far our most important piece.”

Limited to 75 pieces worldwide, the Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 is made out of platinum and comes with Schnyder’s signature on the case. It boasts a power reserve longer than eight days and like the original Freak (launched in 2001) its tourbillon carrousel possesses no true dial, crown or hands. Instead the timepiece can be wound by turning the lower bezel, and the time can be adjusted by turning the upper bezel.

Meanwhile its escapement wheels are constructed out of silicium and it features a new flying tourbillon (indicating the seconds) as well as two new ball-bearing systems. Furthermore the Freak Diavolo’s frequency of 4 Hz (28’800 A/h) is another distinguishing feature as no other tourbillon is regulated by such a powerful oscillator.

Schnyder was awarded the “Spirit of Enterprise” Gaia Award in 2003 by the Musee International d’Horlogerie followed this year by a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve: Asian Edition in Singapore.