The Surest way to Look Fabulous this Fall

Black, Gold Chain Heels from Etsy

Learning how to survive in an economic upheaval whilst still looking upwardly mobile and of course utterly chic is to clad yourself in a pair of outstandingly gorgeous shoes.

Call them feet jewelery, they do the trick to turn up the heat on any understated outfit or a simple pair of jeans. All you need is to invest in a pair of show-stopping heels and jaw droopingly gorgeous boots and you’ll have a  following of admirers not far behind.

Pink Spiky Heels from

Swarovski Studded Britan Flag Shoes found at

Hunter Boots at Zappos


7year Itch Deep Peach by Nude Heels at

Jean-Michel Cazabat Zoulu haircalf boot at Shopbop

Burnt orange boots from Myhotshoes


Christian-Louboutin-Pumps-Asteroid-Spike-Toe-Shoes in Turquoise at buywomenfashion