Mother’s Day In Singapore With Harry Winston


On the Thursday before the Mother’s Day 2013, a few classy ladies were treated to a very special and exclusive lunch at the Decanter Room, St. Regis Hotel, Singapore. The ladies were all special guests of the House of Harry Winston and bonded over a fine meal which was filled with plenty of joy and laughter.

After the intimate lunch, Harry Winston surprised the lovely ladies with a chance to attend a hands-on lesson on how to make specialty dim-sum. The chefs from the Yan Ting Cantonese Restaurant at the St Regis Singapore were on hand to provide neat tips and assistance. Some of Harry Winston’s iconic collections, like the Cluster series and Premier Feathers, were also on display for the guests to peruse.



Ms Natasha Minpuri, Mrs Valerie Chan, Ms Shabnam Arashan and Ms Low Chin Chien


Mrs Valerie Chan, Ms Grace Yeh, Mrs Huang and Ms Zhen Huang


Mrs Huang looking at some of Harry Winston’s iconic jewelry


Ms Grace Yeh with a chef preparing dim-sum