Larry Jewelry Lazare Diamonds Holiday Collection


Want to go the extra mile for the lady in your life this holiday season? Larry Jewelry’s got you covered with its Lazare Diamonds Holiday Collection. The latest Holiday collection from Larry Jewelry presents a series of Lazare Diamonds jewelry pieces that are the epitome of elegance and perfection.

Featuring a total of 8 jewelry pieces, Larry Jewelry’s Lazare Diamonds Holiday Collection consists of rings, necklaces and earrings. The delicate and classic jewelry pieces are designed to bring out the beauty of Lazare Diamonds and are inspired by the holiday season, featuring pieces in the shapes of Snowflakes, Mistletoes and Poinsettia. The lustrous white diamonds are also a portrayal of the joyous and magical festive season.

Dubbed ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Diamonds’, each and every Lazare Diamond is an ‘ideal-cut’ diamond. The ideal-cut formula allows for a diamond to be cut to precise angles such that the diamond facets will allow the correct amount of light to refract and reflect, bringing out the natural beauty of diamonds and maximising the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. Every Lazare Diamond is elegantly shaped and with well-proportioned facets, it allows the diamond to shine in iridescent colors.

“Diamonds make the best gift. On the receiving end of diamonds, just looking at the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds is enough to delight our senses. A woman wearing beautiful Lazare Diamonds embodies success and is a visual expression of class and achievement. Celebrate your accomplishments with diamonds; there is no better gift to reward yourself than with a beautiful gemstone,” says Laura Chow, Regional Director and Vice-President of Lazare Diamonds, SEA region.