How to Eat Like a Supermodel: 5 Models on Their Diets


Candice Swanepoel & Miranda Kerr. (Photo: s_buckley /

How do you look like a supermodel? Besides being blessed with killer genetics, you have to also have the perfect diet and fitness routine. We rounded up five models’ diet tips for some inspiration this bikini season. Check out how to eat like models Miranda Kerr, Naomi Campbell, Kate Upton and more.


Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell at 2015 event. (Photo: Harry Winston)

Naomi Campbell is another model who is a fan of juicing. She told Shape Magazine, “I don’t believe in starving myself. I’ve never done it, and I never will.” Naomi also says about her diet, “I’m even more active when I’m juicing, doing both yoga and Pilates every day.” Hot water with lemon, herbal tea, salads with fish or steak and cold pressed veggie juices are her favorites.


Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr

What does Australian model Miranda Kerr eat for her diet? She revealed her secrets below.

“I studied integrated nutrition in New York and back in Australia, so it’s very important to me. I like salmon, avocado, eggs, and green juices, and I put lemon on everything. I used to use so much salt, but I’m trying to eat less and use lemon as flavor instead. I don’t deprive myself of anything, though; I eat everything, just not all the time. If you focus on filling your body with nutrients, you don’t have to count calories, and you can have an indulgence now and again,” she told Allure.

She also revealed what she eats for a typical breakfast to Elle: “Hot water with lemon to start the day, it’s really good and it stimulates the digestive systems. …And then after that I have my cold-pressed green juice every day. And it has like kale, spinach, cucumber, celery. And then after that I’ll have eggs or oatmeal. Sometimes I’ll do quinoa, it depends on how much time I have. The eggs are easy. Eggs and avocado. And then I make my shake. And I have that throughout the morning.”


Kate Upton


Kate Upton. (Photo via Instagram)

Kate Upton opened up about her regular diet routine in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Upton starts her day with scrambled eggs (one white, one whole) and green tea. For a snack she eats 10 raw almonds with a green juice. Then for lunchtime it is quinoa with grilled chicken and vegetables. Her 4 p.m. afternoon snack is a protein bar while dinner is a sashimi or kale salad with grilled salmon and cashews.


Candice Swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel. (Photo via Victoria’s Secret)

“I eat whatever I want, but to me it needs to be healthy – I always think about what sort of vitamins are in the food and what it’s giving my body…I make sure I eat a lot of protein, carbohydrates, good sugars and good fats, like avocado,” she said in an interview with makeup artist Wendy Rowe.

“I always have coffee and a protein shake, and I like a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and croissant.”

“I’ll have a chicken or steak salad with quinoa – protein is really important.”

“I listen to my body and eat whatever I feel it needs on that day – I’m quite in tune with my body, so can feel whether I needs more pasta or protein. I love a good steak or grilled salmon, and I love anything teriyaki!”

“I’ll treat myself to chocolate and cookies, but I’ll never over-do it. I’ll just have a small piece if I need a little sweet something, but I won’t go back for more.”


Joan Smalls


Joan Smalls for United Colors of Benetton

Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls takes a portion control method to her diet.

She told Estee Lauder, “[My trainer, Marc Gardon] tried to have me write down my daily diet, and I never filled it out because I felt guilty if I had pizza for lunch, and rice, and this meat, and that meat, and pancakes, and bacon. And he would be like, “Joan, where are the vegetables?!” (Laughs). But one thing I did learn with [Marc] is portion control because a lot of people tend to overeat even though they’re already full. And I started drinking juices that contain vegetables. Baby steps!”