Dom Pérignon Picks 3 Singapore Creatives To Represent Its New Vintages


Three Singapore creatives have been chosen to represent Dom Pérignon‘s newly released vintages.

Each creator is known in their own field: Chef Janice Wong for her experimental food at 2am:dessertbar; photographer Yian Huang is recognised for documenting the Isreali-Palestinian conflict; and installation artist Dawn Ng for her whimsical art pieces. The three celebrated the defining characteristics – Harmony, Intensity and Thrill – of Dom Pérignon champagnes and interpreted its essences with works at a recent party to launch the vintages.

Dom Pérignon’s previous creative partnerships include limited editions with Jeff Koons and David Lynch, a collection designed with Marc Newson, an homage to Andy Warhol, a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and creative projects numbering Robert Wilson, Lang Lang and John Legend.


Chef Janice Wong

For Thrill (Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003) chef Janice Wong created an edible art experience from above and below – a combination of dynamic visual and edible art. From above, viewers are welcomed by a ‘food pairing ceiling’ experience featuring rehydrated dried fruits – tomato filled with reduced balsamic and black olives, figs and reduced nectarine, cauliflower and basil, plum coated with berry powder, peach and pink pepper. Meanwhile, a painted ceiling panel with 1,500 holes is hung two metres above ground. This ceiling painting is mirrored by a sea-of-canapés art piece, sated with tapioca crisps and caviar. (I know, you had to be there).


Photographer Yian Huang

For Intensity (Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 1998), Yian captures the interplay between the power and grace of dancers, and brings viewers into a world of exploration, movement and human connection with a photo series called Fly With Me. As one of his most intensely personal works, Fly For Me was shot over a period of ten weeks in Paris, France. Encapsulating Dom Pérignon’s philosophy of Intensity, the works perfectly represents the intense nature of this vintage.


Installation artist Dawn Ng

For Harmony (Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005) Ng displays her craft through an installation entitled White. A round white tent lit from within, the installation creates an air of mystery as viewers are confronted by large circular shadows floating behind a gossamer veil flowing from ceiling to floor. Upon entering, viewers are surrounded by large translucent inflated orbs suspended at different heights. Creating a sensation of total immersion, viewers move through the sea of orbs, which allude to Harmony. The installation draws inspiration from the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, which is a harmonious assemblage of the finest black and white grapes.