How Does Clothing Affect Our Confidence?


Waking up in the morning and promptly deciding you have nothing to wear is enough to sour anyone’s mood, but our clothing can impact us further than that. Whilst it may seem as if our outlook dictates our clothing, psychologists have found that it could be the other way around.

From the memories associated with each piece to the colours your wear every day; your outfit choices have a subliminal power over you. Once you learn how your clothing affects your mood you can compile a confidence boosting capsule wardrobe, so let’s delve into the psychology of fashion to find out how.

Emotional anchors

Unless you’re a celebrity, you probably wear things more than once. That said, each time you wash your clothes to rewear them, the emotional anchors won’t rinse away.

An emotional anchor is a psychological term used when a physical object embodies/triggers a certain feeling. For example, let’s say you wore a particular smart shirt in a successful job interview. Every time you wear that shirt, whether you consciously remember the moment or not, you will feel similar emotions.

Identify which clothes hold positive memories and prioritise them for days when you need a boost!

Black doesn’t mean unhappiness

Everyone looks chic in black, but it isn’t a colour synonymous with positivity. When we wear black clothing, it can mean two things:

1) We’re trying to blend into the background.

2) We want to be taken seriously.

Neither of these are a negative attribute, yet black will always remind us of funerals and gothic attire. It seems a shame that such negative connotations have attached themselves to every LBD across the land, but that doesn’t mean it will affect your personal outlook.

As mentioned, black is a colour of authority. If you’re attending an event and you’d like to look good, without drawing too much attention to yourself, a black dress is a sophisticated choice to ensure you’re comfortable in your environment. After all, being confident doesn’t mean to have to be the centre of attention.

It’s not just about shape

Designers will often tell you that a tailored fit inspires confidence and for some of us that may well be true. However, it comes down to what makes you feel comfortable. Whilst there’s nothing like a slim cut blazer to top off your power suit, some days you need something ethereal and loose to feel as if your creativity is not restricted.

How will this affect customers?

We need to start thinking a little more holistically about what makes the end buyers happy. We simply cannot rely on trends to carry our range, the colour, cut and feel needs to reflect the overall feel of your collection. To evoke an emotional response from your customer, you must carefully consider the psychological impact of fashion.

(Photo: trashydiva)


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