Bulgari Presents High Jewellery Creations At 27th Biennale des Antiquaires


In the year of its 130th anniversary, Bulgari presented as many as 100 new High Jewellery creations at the 27th Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. Referred to by many as the most important event on the jewelry calendar, the Biennale featured High Jewelry pieces and watches that Bulgari created expressly for the event, as well as a host of its much loved heritage jewels. Bulgari’s exhibit highlighted its Roman heritage, introducing its bejewelled creation to Paris. As the only Italian jeweler to present at the grandiose Grand Palais, Bulgari alone represented Italian style, heritage and craftsmanship to the world.

Some of the pieces presented at the Biennale des Antiquaires were inspired by Bulgari’s iconic collections including Serpenti, MVSA and Diva. All these creations represent Bulgari’s eponymous style, known for bold color, sensual volume, daring combinations and creative cuts. One the notable pieces at the Biennale des Antiquaires was a necklace set with more than 1000 carats of emerald beads, embellished by two Serpenti for a twist of sensuality. Another notable piece was a magnificent MVSA necklace in white gold, sapphires and diamonds, that showcased Bulgari’s mastery of jewel setting.