Who’s That Hottie: Jillian Kimberly Lim


Delivering non-stop entertainment, juicy news, and top music hits from up in the studios at HOT FM91.3, we tune our senses towards something more visual as we bring to you our Hottie of The Month, Radio DJ Jillian Kimberly Lim.

The Eurasian DJ is not only packed full of spunk, style, and candid humour but also much sizzle and girl-next-door sex appeal as captured by Victor Yaw in the photo series below with hairstyling by Blow+Bar, featuring swimwear from Inner Desire.

Check out her exclusive interview with WardrobeTrendsFashion.com below.

Tell us more about yourself.

I’m a radio Dj on 91.3, I love what I do, I love cake, steak and whiskey. I can play the riffs to many rock songs on the guitar which give people the impression, that I can play the entire song. I also can play the theme song from Star Wars on the piano. I am multifaceted, like perfume. I have a strange sense of humour.


If I had…

Studied harder, I’d probably not be a DJ. I failed my math, which made it really hard to get into a poly, every module needed at least a pass. My parents weren’t willing to let me do a private course, because that cost too much. Millennia Institute was my best bet, but when I went down for an interview, they didn’t want me either. It worked out perfect, because I ended up in Republic Poly, which was the only school that had a fixed time of 9:45am, which allowed me to continue doing the Morning Show on radio. It wouldn’t have worked anywhere else.

Also, if i had a hedge hog, i’d love it so much.


I could not contain my excitement when…

I heard I was going to be able to meet Slash from Guns N Roses. He was the first really “famous” person I’d met, and I’ve always been a really big fan of rock music, so meeting him was a HUGE DEAL, I had a whole list of questions prepared.

Finally when I was lead into the back room to meet Slash, the only thing I said the whole time I was there was ” Thank you for coming to Singapore” I shook his hand a bunch of times too which was really weird.

The biggest wasted opportunity of my life!


When all else fails…

Drink some beer! Ive never really had a back up plan, which meant that whatever I wanted to do, I really had to give my all to make it work cause there was no plan B. I don’t advise that, it’s really stressful.

Nothing beats…

Good Company. Being surrounded by the right people makes any situation better. And nothing beats really good Hokkien Mee, and good music, but again I guess if the hokkien mee sucked, but you were with a really good friend who knew how to make fun of the bad hokkien mee your “dinning” experience would still be a fun one, so I stick to my first answer Good Company wins all.

When I was…

In secondary school, I stuffed my bra, and I’ve been doing it ever since!! I’m really flat, and way pass puberty, so i gotta make do! #NoShame

There is no place like…

My friends Faiyaz’s room, its massive, he’s got an attic, and you sink into his bed. But since you don’t know Faiyaz and would probably never be in his room, a close second is there is no place like being with a good friend, once again good company makes life easy.


 My Favourite…

People are my parents, they’re totally different, and i have no idea how they’ve been married this long. They have totally different styles of parenting, my Mom is a real hard ass, tough love, “if I could do all this on my own, my children definitely aren’t going to get any favours”

My dad is the most chilled person alive, he sits back watches people and can tell at once what they’re like, but he never tells you his opinion unless you ask, so he’s not judgemental, and doesn’t force his thoughts on you.

My favourite colours pink, number is 3, and shoes are converse!

Your Top 5 Bucket List…

5. Live some where else and do radio there for a few years

4. Become a mom

3. Be part of a charity

2. take part in hair for hope


My weakness…

Passionate people, my boyfriend K.C meals, is from a local band called Caracal, they’ve been around for a decade, and he along with the rest of his band has poured so much blood and money into their music, which at this point still isn’t making them money.

Some might see it as foolishness, but I can respect the persistence and passion they have for their music, and honestly I envy people who have that, because those people with passion seem a lot more alive.


Who are some of your biggest fashion influences

I tried to dress like Mena Suvari in the movie Loser and Drew Berrymore when she was younger. Right now though, I really love Kelly Osborne, she’s got the grunge/punk/old school class going on.

What turns me on the most

A side from a really big Steak?

Someone who’s honest, knows right from wrong, and isn’t afraid to stand up to someone who’s being a bully, someone who can stand up for the person he loves, even if everyone else in the world hates her.

Plus if the guy has really great arms, that’s a plus

Given the opportunity in your career who would you love to work with

Howard Stern, and James Gunn. Howard Stern because he’s been around so long, and hes mastered the art of being hated, yet loved. and James Gunn, because I met him earlier this year, when he was down promoting Guardians of the Galaxy, and was such a totally humble down to earth guy who still replies my texts, when I do text him.

Basically, these 2 guys are great at what they do, have an outrageous sense of humour, but are the nicest most genuine “non-industry” people. Who wouldn’t want to be able to learn from them.


The best part of my job is…

That I get to make people feel something, whether its someone complaining, or someone telling me I made them laugh, its the ability to evoke an emotion and entertain.

I don’t have a band that tours every night in different countries entertaining different crowds, I have a show every night in my country, talking to my people, hopefully entertaining my nation. So thats pretty cool.

Something no one else knows…

I really want to be a Mom. I feel people have this perception of me as being very wild, and carefree or in some cases hard and bitchy, but I can’t wait to have a family.

I’ve not had a perfect up bringing, but it’s far from a sob story too, I suppose having an amazing a job that people know you by is awesome, but having a kid look up to you i imagine would own that any day.

Who are some of your favourite designers?

I really like Victoria Beckham, her dresses are so intimidating, she looks like a Lady Boss who’s in control of everything! Betsey Johnson as well.