Who’s That Hottie: Angelique Teo

With a voice like an Angel &  body like a Goddess, this week in an exclusive interview, we bring to you our very own hometown hottie, the vivacious actress, host, & model, Angelique Teo,

What does a typical day in the life of Angel look like?

The first 2 hours of my day are spent updating all my social-media .. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, aSmallWorld, my blog and my website. If I’m not filming for LI TV, HBO or hosting a live-event, I’m at meetings with clients or working on content for new shows. To keep my energy levels up, and make sure I look and feel great, I head The Gym at Orchard for a full hour of weights and cardio. That is, of course, if I have the time to make it there.

Of late, my schedule has been filling up fast and furiously and that means not even getting a moment to travel to and from the gym. My solution is EZFit. My trainer, Vanan makes house visits!! What more could a busy girl like me ask for? No more excuses …. I just get changed and head down to the pool for an hour of intense training. It couldn’t be more perfect.

As a Host/Actress and Voice Talent how do you balance your career and personal life?

I LOVE being busy. I can’t sit still! And as a freelance artiste, I get to manage my time very well with choosing jobs that I want to do, and not accepting others, if I feel I need some downtime. Though that rarely, if ever, happens.

6 words to sum you up?

Happy, Positive, Sometimes Naive, sensitive and full of love. Is that 6?

What inspires you in your line of work?

Everything beautiful. And I love that I’ve been blessed with the platforms that allow me to share that with people.

(Photographed by Nicholas Ong)

Who are your favorite fashion Icons?

Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Linda Evangelista, all the great fashion photographers like Ellen von Unwerth, Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon etc. There are SO many. My list can just go on and on. 🙂

Voted FHM’s 100 most Sexiest women, how do you feel?

Number 3 to be exact!! I was surprised at first, and felt humbled by the fact that I made it that high up on the list (past Megan Fox and Jolie, by the way 😉 )

What would you do with a time machine?

Hmmmm … that’s a tough one. I wouldn’t go back and change ANYTHING, that’s for sure. It’s the experiences I’ve been through and mistakes I’ve made that make me who I am today. As for looking into the future, I think that would be dangerous too. Firstly, I wouldn’t want to see an older-version of myself! Secondly, messing around with what destiny you carve out for yourself may not be such a good idea. So in short …. what would I do with a time machine? Absolutely nothing. 🙂

How did the idea come about to venture into Body care Candles?

I’ve always LOVED candles. Scented-candles to be precise. And I’ve always LOVED moisturizing my skin. So when I came across the possibility of marrying the two, I figured it was genius! And these candles do what they say!

They smell incredible, they last for 40% longer than paraffin, they’re safe for the environment AND they moisturize every part (except the face) that needs help. Amoré candles are always warm, never hot, as they burn at only 41ºC. Even little hands are safe around them! I always have one next to my bed to use on my elbows, knees, heels and cuticles before sleeping. In the morning, my skin is baby soft. Currently, these amazing candles are retailing at Robinsons (Centerpoint & MBS), Tangs (Orchard & Vivo City) and What Women Want at Mandarin Gallery. There are three sizes and 16 scents … for now.

What are the 5 top things on your bucket list?

1) to visit Angel Falls in Venezuela

2) to swim with wild dolphins

3) To visit all the UNESCO Heritage Sites

4) Sky Diving

5) Write the novel I KNOW I have in me. Just haven’t quite figured out the subject-matter. 😉

We heard you are currently working on your very own program, do share with our readers what its all about.

Ah …. because we live in a dog-eat-dog world, I have to refrain from revealing in full, what I’m planning. It’s not just one, but a few shows that are currently in the planning-stages. What I CAN say though, is that one will be luxurious, another for women, and yet another for everyone. My lips have to remain sealed. 🙂