Tumi Lunar New Year 2013 ‘Snake’ Luggage Tag


Use this handsome Tumi tag on your travels this year and – unless you’re a Snake baby, in which case you can flaunt it as much as you want – whip it out 12 years later when the next Year of the Snake comes along in the Zodiac calendar.

For Chinese New Year, Tumi has just unveiled a specially created luggage tag. Designed for maximum impact without coming across as too garish, a gold foil laser-cut snake coils around the center of a black leather body embossed with the beautiful scales of watersnake skin.

The serpent enjoys a special place in the traditonal Chinese pantheon of mythical creatures, representing intellect, decisiveness and leadership. Your grandparents will surely approve of this nifty (and lucky) accessory adorning your Tumi luggage the next time you pack for a business trip! Available now at Tumi boutiques.