Travis Fimmel for Calvin Klein


When I think of the Calvin Klein image of the early 2000′s, Travis Fimmel’s campaign for them immediately comes to mind.

Fimmel is the face behind the revival of Calvin Klein in the early 2000’s which enrolled with a string of his CK ads, between 2001 and 2003. Fimmel’s face was everywhere and had people talking about Calvin once more.

By hiring Travis the label gained new momentum. While single-handedly responsible for the rise of the fashion advertising machine in the 90s the popular american brand’s campaign imagery got back its oomph with casting of the young Aussie model. ‘Till this day he can be ranked as one of Calvin Klein’s most popular face, alongside greats such as Brooke Shields and Christy Turlington.

Most of Travis’ campaign imagery featured here were photographed by the prolific Inez & Vinoodh.

Check out the 90 second Crave Promo clip below featuring Aussie actor, Travis Fimmel. Crave was a fragrance released by the Calvin Klein brand that has long since been discontinued.