Titan Unveils The Slimmest Watch In The Universe

The launch of Titan’s Revolutionary Edge 2013 was held at the Spider Room, Avalon with the presence of Mr Rajan Amba, Global Marketing Head, who flew down especially just to unveil their latest watch. Everyone that had gathered were very excited to see what the world’s slimmest watch would look like but Titan surely knew to save the best for last. To get the dice rolling, each and every guest was lucky to be able to pick a watch of their choice to bring home. The ladies were of course, luckier, as they had a wider variety to choose from.

Meanwhile, in a corner, cartoonists from cartoon.sg were busy sketching up caricatures. They even had an Australian stand up comedian to break the ice and lighten up the mood before inviting Mr Amba to lift that piece of red cloth – the moment everyone had been waiting for.

Guest Writer Pooja Darshan with Mr Rajan Amba, Titan’s Global Marketing Head

Just before that took place, there was a short video presentation and the most memorable highlight was, ‘every 3 seconds, someone, somewhere around the world buys a Titan’.  When he finally unveils it, there was a short fashion show that followed but this was a very special one. To demonstrate just how light the watch was, weighing at only 36 grams, the model had a bunch of balloons with the watch tied to it at the end. She lets it go and it was amazing to watch as the watch floated up with the balloons!

Models were also seen wearing the other designs from the Edge 2013 Collection such as the Sepia and Futura, which satisfies both the modern and futuristic look. The launch of Purple 2013 Collection showcased classy yet chic watches for women, which are perfect for every occasion.

However, most might be intrigued by the HTSE (High Tech Self Energised) collection, as it has the unique ability of being charged by any source of light ranging from sun light to a candle flame. All Titan watch collections are available at City Chain and other leading retailers.