The Overrated Trend: Intentionally-Misspelled-Designer-Name T-Shirts & Sweat Shirts


Homies, and not Hermès. Channel, and not Chanel. Ballinciaga, and not Balenciaga. Are you familiar with those names? If you are not, you better be googling, because it is a huge stride now on the current trends!

Brian Lichtenberg might be the pioneer of the over-talked t-shirts and sweat shirts for his slap, Homies and Feline Meow (and not Celine), but as the celebrities and famous folks start to strut them everywhere, dominating the “trend-spotted” or “#outfitoftheday”, BOOM!

They now become a fairest trend of all. Other misspelled designers logo or names are growing, like Conflict of Interest, which has burst into the same rebellious idea, with their NiuNiu York and Giraunchy, and the trend keeps going on and on. Surprisingly, nothing strange about it juxtaposed together with the real designer t-shirt, which still remain popular. We pay $60 for one and $600 for the other (you know which one is more expensive surely), and still, both are recognized stylish.