Tex Saverio Spring 2015 Collection


Tex Saverio is one of the perfect examples of the abundance of incredible fashion talents coming from Indonesia. A strong designer with dramatic flair, he has designed couture gowns worn by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kim Kardashian. Tex Saverio took us to an extravagant planet, exhibiting all of the techniques for which this designer is known: layers of fabric and holographic designs and textures, the play of transparent and matte surfaces and the love for the female form.

This new voice in evening wear, I predict will influence what other more mainstream designers will do especially in his use of layers and transparencies. can go to great heights of avant-garde, couture garments, however he can also be “tamer” in designing his clothes.

Tex Saverio Spring/Summer 2015 fashion installation “Parametric” is about his tamer side. It’s more refined and focused, yet still very much statement-making and bold at the same time. The combination of smooth duchess satin used with sheer organza is always a successful idea; the shapes and silhouettes however made this traditional combination seem more fresh and sensational.

The girls were made up to look like “intergalactic guides” with the expertise of Shu Umera make up that dusted their faces with silver powders and some had on diamond encrusted masques. Their hair was swept back to bring out this sleek and silvery look that was a nude and white theme.

The most striking thing about the show was the silvery masks worn by the girls that were decorated with diamonds that created an aura of mystery. This was a unique addition that took the girls from mere models to interplanetary dolls.