“Sous le Signe du Lion” By Chanel


Broche Lion Celeste

Chanel’s new high jewelry collection, ‘Sous le Signe du Lion’, showcases Gabrielle Chanel’s emblematic animal in a collection of 58 exceptional pieces. As the king of the zodiac, in all its strength and beauty, the lion occupies a very special place in Gabrielle Chanel’s world. The lion made its first appearance in the Chanel fine jewelry in 2012 and has always been part of Chanel’s symbolic language and a source of inspiration for her.

The collection uses a variety of premium materials like white gold, diamonds, sapphires, rutilated quartz, citrines, beryls, topaz, cultured pearls and garnets. Special mention goes to the ‘Lion Mosaique’ set, which comprises a necklace, a brooch, a bracelet, a watch and a ring. Crafted from white gold and diamonds, each piece from the exclusive set features a lion’s head seen in three-quarter view on a gemstone background.


Bague Lion Mosaique face


Bague Lion Rugissant Onyx


Bague Lion Solaire face


Collier Lion Mosaique


Montre Lion Venitien