SNOW Gala 2011


Linda Soo-Tan, Marisa Wee, Nicolina Elrick

The Singapore National Committee of UN Women held its sixth annual fundraising dinner, the Say No to the Oppression of Women (SNOW) 2011 Gala Benefit, on 7 October 2011 at Capella Singapore.

SNOW 2011 recaptured the jazz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, with inspiration from the celebrated great American novel, “The Great Gatsby”. Guests partied the starry night away in flapper dresses, cloche hats and bejewelled headbands, on the arms of dashing men in suits looking like Robert Redford playing the iconic Gatsby.


Tony Tan, Anuradha Koirala


Vivian Chang, Maisie Chong


Kate Love, William Hsu, Mandy Wong


Alexander Shlaen, Trina Liang-Lin


Chin Lo, Joanna Wong, June Rin, Ann Tan