Richard Mille Sticks With Felipe Massa


In a world of fickle fancy, commercial brands often gain and lose ambassadors and partners with alarming frequency. Swiss watchmaking firm Richard Mille and F1 driver Felipe Massa buck this trend. Massa announced he is dismounting from the prancing horses of Scuderia Ferrari in September 2013 and Richard Mille followed up by reaffirming its commitment to the driver for the 2014 season. In the official statement from the company, Richard Mille is keen to remind watch lovers that the Massa-RM pairing began in 2004 when the dirver was in the Sauber team. Indeed, Richard Mille characterises the relationship as a “genuine friendship.”

“Felipe is a remarkably intelligent, insightful man, whose impressive career is far from over. We have remained at his side through thick and thin, as with our friend Rafael Nadal, offering our unwavering support and friendship”, said Richard Mille himself. In any case, this statement confirms that we will not be robbed of the spectacle of Massa wearing his Richard Mille while racing, as he famously did with the RM 006 FM during the 2004 F1 season. Most recently, Massa wore the RM 050 Felipe Massa (pictured top and below) throughout the F1 season.